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With services to suit whatever need, Kars is here to help. We offer every opportunity to get you driving. As a local business to the Sandusky, Michigan Area we’re proud to be serving our community by educating everyone on safe and effective driving skills.

Michigan Driver’s Process:

  • Michigan’s driver education curriculum is split into two segments and is required for all teen drivers under age 18.
  • Segment 1 driver education is offered before the driver begins supervised driving. It requires a minimum of 24 hours of classroom instruction, a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. And a minimum of four hours of observation time in a training vehicle. Before beginning Segment 1, a teen must be 14 years, 8 months of age and have parent/guardian permission.
  • License for at least three continuous months and has acquired 30 hours of driving experience time including a minimum of two hours of night driving. Segment 2 includes a minimum of six hours of classroom instruction.
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