Kars Driver Testing and Training is a fully licensed and operational Driver training business. We aim to provide excellent instruction and driving skills to equip our students for the future as safe, smart drivers. Below you’ll find a quick summary of the process the State of Michigan requires for all Teen Driver Licenses. Kars provides all of these services to get you goings as soon as possible.

Michigan Secretary of State requires several steps to obtaining a Drivers License:

  • Michigan’s driver education curriculum is split into two segments and is required for all teen drivers under age 18.
  • Segment 1 driver education is offered before the driver begins supervised driving. It requires a minimum of 24 hours of classroom instruction, a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. And a minimum of four hours of observation time in a training vehicle. Before beginning Segment 1, a teen must be 14 years, 8 months of age and have parent/guardian permission.
  • Segment 2 driver education is offered after the driver has held a valid Level 1 License for at least three continuous months and has acquired 30 hours of driving experience time including a minimum of two hours of night driving. Segment 2 includes a minimum of six hours of classroom instruction.

Michigan Secretary of State Driving Link