1: Spider Plant - Easy to grow, air-purifying plant with long, spiky leaves.

2: Pothos - Vibrant green vine that thrives in low light and purifies the air.

3: Snake Plant - Striking, upright leaves that require minimal care and light.

4: ZZ Plant - Hardy and low-maintenance plant with glossy, dark green leaves.

5: Peace Lily - Elegant plant with white flowers that thrives in shade.

6: Monstera - Trendy plant with large, unique leaves that add a tropical touch.

7: Rubber Plant - Bold, dark-green leaves with a smooth, rubbery texture.

8: Calathea - Colorful, patterned leaves that require moderate light and humidity.

9: Fiddle Leaf Fig - Tall, sculptural tree with large, fiddle-shaped leaves for a statement piece.