1: Salt can exacerbate heart palpitations. Opt for low-sodium options to support heart health.

2: Caffeine can trigger palpitations. Choose decaf or herbal teas for a heart-friendly alternative.

3: Alcohol can worsen heart palpitations. Limit intake to support overall heart health.

4: Processed foods high in sugar can increase palpitations. Choose whole foods for better heart health.

5: Spicy foods can trigger palpitations. Opt for mild seasonings to support heart health and reduce symptoms.

6: Fatty foods can worsen heart palpitations. Choose lean proteins and healthy fats for a heart-healthy diet.

7: Artificial additives can exacerbate palpitations. Opt for natural, unprocessed foods for better heart health.

8: High-cholesterol foods can increase heart palpitations. Choose heart-healthy options to prevent symptoms.

9: Food sensitivities can trigger palpitations. Keep track of your diet to identify triggers and support heart health.