1: Discover a 7-day meal plan to combat insulin resistance with fiber-rich and sugar-free recipes for better health.

2: Start your day with a nutritious breakfast like oatmeal with fresh berries to stabilize blood sugars and boost energy levels.

3: Lunch could be a colorful salad with lean protein sources like grilled chicken or tofu for a satisfying and filling midday meal.

4: Snack on crunchy veggies and hummus for a fiber-packed snack that will keep you feeling full and prevent sugar cravings.

5: Dinner options include roasted vegetables with quinoa or brown rice to provide essential nutrients and help manage insulin levels.

6: Try incorporating healthy fats like avocados and olive oil into your meals to support heart health and regulate blood sugar levels.

7: Stay hydrated throughout the day with water and herbal teas to aid digestion and promote overall well-being on your no-sugar meal plan.

8: Plan ahead and prepare your meals in advance to ensure you have healthy options on hand and avoid reaching for sugary snacks.

9: Follow this 7-day meal plan to kickstart your journey to better health and manage insulin resistance through a balanced, high-fiber diet.