1: "7 Signs You're Financially Healthy" 1. You have an emergency fund. 2. Your debt is manageable. 3. You stick to a budget. 4. You regularly save for the future. 5. You have a positive net worth. 6. You have a good credit score. 7. You know where your money goes.

2: Emergency Fund 1. It covers 3-6 months of expenses. 2. It's easily accessible. 3. It gives you peace of mind. 4. It protects you from unexpected costs. 5. It's essential for financial stability.

3: Manageable Debt 1. Your debt-to-income ratio is low. 2. You make on-time payments. 3. You're not overwhelmed by debt. 4. You have a plan to pay it off. 5. You avoid taking on more debt.

4: Budgeting 1. You track your income and expenses. 2. You prioritize saving and investing. 3. You adjust your budget as needed. 4. You avoid impulse purchases. 5. You have financial goals in mind.

5: Saving for the Future 1. You contribute to retirement accounts. 2. You invest in long-term goals. 3. You automate your savings. 4. You have a diversified portfolio. 5. You plan for major expenses.

6: Positive Net Worth 1. Your assets exceed your liabilities. 2. You track your net worth over time. 3. You focus on building wealth. 4. You invest in appreciating assets. 5. You have a positive financial outlook.

7: Good Credit Score 1. You pay your bills on time. 2. You keep your credit utilization low. 3. You monitor your credit report. 4. You avoid opening unnecessary accounts. 5. You have access to better financial opportunities.

8: Money Management 1. You set financial goals. 2. You have a plan for your money. 3. You seek financial advice when needed. 4. You educate yourself on personal finance. 5. You prioritize long-term financial health.

9: Financial Awareness 1. You know your financial standing. 2. You stay informed about financial news. 3. You seek opportunities to grow your wealth. 4. You adapt to changing economic conditions. 5. You take control of your financial future.