1: Aries - Bold and confident, Aries houses are full of energy and enthusiasm.

2: Taurus - Grounded and stable, Taurus houses are cozy and luxurious.

3: Gemini - Versatile and eccentric, Gemini houses are full of books and artwork.

4: Cancer - Homey and nurturing, Cancer houses are cozy and inviting.

5: Leo - Luxurious and dramatic, Leo houses are full of bold colors and statement pieces.

6: Virgo - Practical and organized, Virgo houses are neat and tidy.

7: Libra - Harmonious and stylish, Libra houses are beautifully decorated and balanced.

8: Scorpio - Mysterious and intense, Scorpio houses are dark and moody.

9: Sagittarius - Adventurous and eclectic, Sagittarius houses are full of travel souvenirs and unique decor.