1 - Aries: Energetic and bold, Aries homes are filled with vibrant colors and statement pieces.

2 - Taurus: Taurus houses are all about comfort and luxury, with plush furnishings and earthy tones.

3 - Gemini: Versatile and whimsical, Gemini homes are eclectic and full of interesting knick-knacks.

4 - Cancer: Cozy and inviting, Cancer homes are designed to feel like a comforting retreat.

5 - Leo: Dramatic and regal, Leo houses feature bold decor and glamorous accents.

6 - Virgo: Organized and sophisticated, Virgo homes are sleek and stylish with a minimalist touch.

7 - Libra: Elegant and harmonious, Libra houses are filled with beautiful artwork and balanced design.

8 - Scorpio: Mysterious and alluring, Scorpio homes have a dark and moody atmosphere with sensual touches.

9 - Sagittarius: Adventurous and eclectic, Sagittarius houses are a mix of global influences and vibrant colors.