1: Introduction Learn about the health issues of the Basset Hound breed and how to care for them.

2: Hip Dysplasia Basset Hounds are prone to hip dysplasia, a painful condition affecting their joints.

3: Ear Infections Due to their long ears, Basset Hounds are susceptible to ear infections. Regular cleaning is essential.

4: Obesity Basset Hounds love to eat and can easily become overweight. Monitor their diet and exercise regularly.

5: Eye Problems This breed is prone to eye problems, including glaucoma and cataracts. Regular vet check-ups are crucial.

6: Intervertebral Disc Disease Basset Hounds are at risk for disc disease due to their long backs. Avoid excessive jumping or rough play.

7: Heart Disease Some Basset Hounds may develop heart conditions, so monitor their heart health closely.

8: Cancer Unfortunately, Basset Hounds have a higher risk of developing cancer. Regular screenings are important.

9: Conclusion Despite health issues, Basset Hounds make loving companions. With proper care and attention, they can live long, happy lives.