1: Avocado - packed with healthy fats and Vitamin E to keep skin moisturized and glowing.

2: Sweet potatoes - rich in beta-carotene, converts to Vitamin A to promote cell turnover.

3: Salmon - omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and hydrate skin from within.

4: Blueberries - antioxidants protect against free radicals and boost collagen production.

5: Almonds - Vitamin E and antioxidants to keep skin elastic and youthful.

6: Spinach - loaded with vitamins and minerals for clear and healthy skin.

7: Green tea - catechins reduce redness and inflammation for a clear complexion.

8: Tomatoes - lycopene protects against UV damage and boosts skin's natural SPF.

9: Dark chocolate - flavonols improve blood flow for a glowing complexion.