1: 1. Aries - Outspoken and adventurous, their impulsive nature can sometimes lead to flirtatious behavior.

2: 2. Gemini - Known for their dual personalities, Geminis may struggle with commitment, making them prone to infidelity.

3: 3. Leo - Leos love attention and admiration, which can sometimes lead them to seek excitement outside their relationships.

4: 4. Libra - Their desire for harmony can make Libras hesitant to end relationships, leading to possible cheating.

5: 5. Sagittarius - Their craving for freedom and new experiences can put Sagittarius individuals at risk of cheating.

6: 6. Scorpio - Known for their intense passions, Scorpios can sometimes succumb to temptation, straying from their partners.

7: 7. Capricorn - Their ambition and determination can at times overshadow their commitment, making them vulnerable to cheating.

8: 8. Aquarius - While highly independent and progressive, Aquarians may seek connections outside their relationships.

9: 9. Pisces - Empathetic and dreamy, Pisces individuals may struggle with fidelity, getting easily swayed by emotional connections. Note: It is important to remember that astrology is based on generalizations and should not be used as an excuse for one's actions. Trust and open communication are crucial for healthy relationships, regardless of zodiac signs.