1: "Step 1: Be mindful of your posture throughout the day to prevent back pain and stiffness."

2: "Step 2: Set up an ergonomic workstation with proper chair and desk heights."

3: "Step 3: Strengthen your core muscles to support your spine and improve posture."

4: "Step 4: Stretch your muscles regularly to prevent tightness and maintain flexibility."

5: "Step 5: Practice good posture while standing by aligning your ears, shoulders, and hips."

6: "Step 6: Use a posture corrector or support device to train your body to sit up straight."

7: "Step 7: Take breaks from sitting every hour to stand up and stretch your body."

8: "Step 8: Sleep on a supportive mattress and pillow to maintain proper spinal alignment."

9: "Step 9: Seek professional help from a physical therapist or chiropractor for personalized posture correction exercises."