1: 1. African Elephant: Majestic and intelligent, African elephants face extinction due to poaching and habitat loss. Urgent conservation efforts are crucial.

2: 2. Sumatran Orangutan: With rapid deforestation, these critically endangered orangutans are on the brink of extinction. Protecting their habitats is vital.

3: 3. Amur Leopard: As one of the most endangered big cats, the Amur Leopard teeters on the edge of extinction. Conservation initiatives are urgently needed.

4: 4. Vaquita Porpoise: The smallest cetacean, vaquita porpoises are on the verge of extinction due to illegal fishing practices. Immediate action is imperative.

5: 5. Mountain Gorilla: Encroachment and poaching threaten the survival of mountain gorillas. Collaborative efforts are vital to ensure their long-term existence.

6: 6. Black Rhinoceros: Despite conservation efforts, black rhinos are gravely endangered due to poaching. Protecting them from illegal trade is crucial.

7: 7. Hawksbill Turtle: Climate change and destructive fishing practices endanger hawksbill turtles. Preserving their habitats and banning hunting is essential.

8: 8. Sumatran Tiger: Illegal poaching and habitat loss endanger Sumatran tigers. Strengthening anti-poaching measures and conserving forests is imperative.

9: 9. Leatherback Sea Turtle: Plastic pollution and habitat destruction threaten the survival of leatherback sea turtles. Adopting sustainable practices is crucial for their preservation.